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A little about Carraig Kitchens

About Carraig Kitchens & Designer Wardrobes
The Carraig Kitchens team consists of Thomas Meegan (Director) and a team of qualified and highly versatile employees. We have a fully qualified Cabinet Maker along with a team of kitchen fitters with over 15 years experience of installing high end kitchens.

A brief introduction to our people…

Thomas Meegan is the sole owner of the company. He has 20 years experience in the kitchen industry; everything from design and manufacturing through to installation. Thomas worked with many companies throughout the North East before finally establishing Carraig Kitchens in 1994. With his experience customers get precise and honest opinions on design and the freshest ideas in kitchen manufacturing.

We also employ a highly qualified and experienced designer  to help our customers explore their ideas and really stretch their imagination whilst also having the skills to provide our customers with detailed images and technical drawings of their proposed layout ideas. We aim to provide a non-biased design and sales service that customers will warm to straight away.

Since starting the business in 1994 we have installed fitted kitchens and bedroom solutions throughout the island of Ireland and today we are still totally focused when it comes to giving our customers the best possible service and real value for money.

We have fully furnished showrooms in Williamsons Mall; right at the very heart of Dundalk town displaying the wide variety of styles and finishes available and we also have several functioning kitchen and wardrobe solutions also on display.

Just one of the many benefits of our cabinetry, is that it is truly bespoke. Each cabinet in every kitchen is built for that specific home. This allows us to offer creative and innovative solutions to many design dilemmas.

At Carraig Kitchens we make choosing your kitchen an enjoyable and relaxing experience. We take great care and pride in designing your kitchen to ensure you're getting exactly what you want.

Contact us on 042 935 6006 to book an appointment or CLICK HERE to send us an email enquiry or alternatively please feel free to drop into our showrooms and we will gladly help you get the ball rolling.

Opening Times
> Monday - Friday : 10.00am - 5.30pm
> Saturday : 10.00am - 5.00pm

*Late appointments by request.
Free Consultation and Quote
Please Contact Us with us for a free consultation and quote.
Our Services
Below is a list of services that we provide:

> Supplier of Kitchens & Bedrooms
> Supplier of Contract Furniture
> Installation of Kitchen & Bedroom Units
> Removal of Existing Units
> Plumbing & Electrical Services
> Tiling Floors & Walls
What Others Say About Us -
"Delighted with my Kitchen & Sliding Wardrobes. The design efforts from the lads was brilliant, provided me with plenty of choice. I have no problem recommending them to all of my friends."

> Elaine O'Rourke

"When asked to provide a testimonial I struggled to word how pleased I am with the whole process of my kitchen. The design service is professional and the range of choice is staggering. But with the help of Thomas it made the process a lot easier. I also was very pleased with the granite options."

> Henry & Patrice Kieran

"Thanks to both Darren & Tommy with all their work. It was a pleasure to work with them. My kitchen & bathroom have been transformed into rooms that are fit to be in design magazines."

> Audrey Hanratty